Ron Aguirre, in his own words:

The first hydraulics on a car.
In a mail correspondence with a member of the LayItLow Forum Ron explained his first experience with the newly designed hydraulic suspension, and his first meeting with Lester Groves (nicknamed “Sandy”) driving the car: “But it wasn’t until 1959 that I was able to raise a lot of Hell and with the system the way it was and I was going to drive “Sandy” THE COP crazy. We waited for him to ride his bike to his spot across the street from the local hangout in Berdo “Ruby’s Drive-in”. I was parked on the lot with my car lowered way down. There were about 100 of my school friends at the drive-in waiting to see what would happen. I left the car down and started to drive out and the side pipes were scraping the pavement (It was way cool to have your car dragging on the pavement). I had my girlfriend get out and my buddy got in with the instructions to pump hard on the handle of the pump as soon as I gave him the word. Well, knowing “Sandy” was across the street and waiting for me to leave the restaurant so he could give me a ticket in front of all my friends and teach them that this punk was not going to get away with breaking the law, again. I pulled out onto the street and watched Sandy start his bike, I told my buddy to start pumping. I didn’t get twenty feet and Sandy had his red lights on me. I got out of the car and everyone from the drive-in was standing on the sidewalk. I greeted “Sandy” by name (as no one called him Sandy to his face) – “Hi, Lester what seems to be the problem”? He stated “You know your car’s too low”. “But Lester”, I said,” it isn’t too low any more, I took your advise and raised it to legal height”. He smiled at me and took his ticket book (Back then, this is how the cops checked cars if their ticket book did not pass freely under your car you would get a ticket) and he slid it under my car without hitting anything. Boy, was his face red and with all the witnesses yelling and screaming, he didn’t say a word, he gave me a confused look and got on his bike and left. OH… revenge was so sweet…..” And the rest is History. Thanks Ron.


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